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It's been a long road, and yet the journey feels like it's just beginning.

David Arrah and Maya Dean are the singer/songwriters behind the band Arrah & Maya. They connected in 2007 through family and mutual friends and were married in 2008. Making music became a natural part of their relationship…it bonded and glued them (and caused a few spirited "discussions"). At first, Maya was the lead singer and David would accompany her on guitar with revised renditions of hymns or worship songs. Eventually they started singing together performing David's original music.  

David and Maya both come from musical families. Maya’s dad, uncles, brothers and cousins are talented musical artists. As a child growing up in this environment, she observed the joy and creativity they put into their craft. David's dad wrote music and played piano, organ, and guitar while touring on the famed Chitlin Circuit with Ike and Tina Turner and B.B. King. 

Arrah & Maya have an eclectic sound. Indie folk vibes fuse with a variety of musical influences. David creates the story and melody behind the music, while Maya adds the captivating harmonic elements.  Their lyrics are passionate, direct, and playfully woven together from everyday life experiences, social concerns, and their Christian identity. They don't put borders on their music. It is what it is both lyrically and musically. They have a sound all their own. 

Writing poetry and music have been an integral part of David’s life with almost 100 songs written since his start as the main writer for his high school singing group. But these songs have been sitting mostly unheard and unreleased. Why? The Deans have been living the simple life—raising and homeschooling their three children, leading a church, completing grad school, enjoying life in the California mountains, and yet preparing for the right moment to put more energy into recording and promoting their music. That moment is now.

By the way, you should check out and subscribe to the Lyrical Worldview blog. You'll get the first look at the backstory behind Arrah & Maya's songs. The blog also explores how their lyrics relate to contemporary life, faith, and issues in society. To subscribe to Maya's blog on parenting, spirituality, and personal development, visit 

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